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Supplying welding products for both the commercial welder to the entry-level arc welder, has right tools and equipment for every sized welding job. With over 8000 welding products to chose from, you can find everything from helmets and do-rags, to plasma torches, to underwater welding equipment. Looking for filler metals? We've got that too. Looking for cutting equipment, quick connects, welding hoses, or heavy duty welding umbrellas? We've got you covered.

Welding Helmets

Choosing the right welding helmet is critical for your overall job safety. There are a few factors to consider and we will cover them all, but we think job size is at the top. If you are a professional welder, you will need a lighter weight helmet. If you are welding as a hobby or welding small jobs, it’s more reasonable to use a less expensive and heavier helmet. Heavier weighted helmets tend to create strain on the neck muscles over longer periods of time which may cause other issues.

Sizing is another important factor to consider. While it may seem fundamental, as with may basic rules, it is often overlooked. It’s important that the helmet provides proper coverage. If it is too small it will not only be uncomfortable, but it will likely leave areas of exposed skin. Exposed areas are vulnerable to splatter causing burns.

Selecting a lens shade is another factor, but generally you can switch lens for different jobs if you need to. A 9-13 lens shade is standard is generally sufficient for most jobs. The lens protects your eyes from the bright flashing while welding. There are some auto-darkening lenses that darken when bright flashes appear and lighten up for better visibility when you are not welding. Although these are convenient, these do cost more.

You can shop our wide range of welding helmets, caps, face shields, liners and hoods, and other welding helmet accessories.